Worker-recovered Enterprises at the Beginning of the Government of Mauricio Macri. State of the Situation as of May 2016

The change of government in Argentina, with the inauguration of Mauricio Macri as President, undoubtedly marked a political, economic, and social turning point, not only at the national level, but region-wide. The impact of the abrupt political reversal and neoliberal economic policy that the new government immediately started to implement also affects worker-recovered enterprises (WREs) and worker cooperativism in general, just as it does all workers. While there are general consequences of the measures taken, there is also an added dimension for this sector. In this report, we seek to lay out an update, and we will center on some of the issues we have observed in these few months under the management of the Cambiemos Alliance government in relation to the recovered businesses, some of which can be expanded to all self-managed workers.

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Información adicional


Centro de Documentación de Empresas Recuperadas


Steve Herrick


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